Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iceland volcano erupts.Smoke billows from a volcano in Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland April 17, 2010.

Gunung Berapi di kawasan Artik

Stranded traveler from Malaysia

Electronic board show canceled flights

Part of traffic sign is seen
Ice chuks carried downstream

Swans on round pond at sunset

Passangers sleep at Orly airpot

Volcano sends ash just prior to sunset

Volcanos scientists leave area

Ariel image shows crater spewing ash.

Ash covers road in Eyjafjallasveit.

Ash covers vegitation in Eyjafjallasveit.

Gunung berapi meletus menjelang senja

Smoke billows from volcano & Footprint is seen in ash.

Plane flies past smoke billowing from volcano

Horses run near town as volcano

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